Burger King Menu Prices (Ireland)

Here is the Burger King menu prices for Ireland. You can check all the menu categories. We have also listed the summary of the Burger King menu for your convenience.

Burger King Menu with Prices Ireland

Picked for you
Chocolate Brownie€3.50
Bacon Double Cheese XL Meal€11.50
Chicken Royale€6.90
Chicken Royale Meal€11.20
XL Big King Meal€12.30
Delivery Bundles
Bundle For 2€21.60
Super Bundle For 2€32.00
Party Bundle€42.75
Super Sharing Bundle€48.25
Super Party Bundle€58.80
Snack Bundle€16.60
Plant Based Whopper Meal€10.55
Whopper Meal€11.20
Double Whopper Meal€12.45
Triple Whopper Meal€13.60
Whopper Jr. Meal€8.80
Bacon Double Cheese XL Meal (Meals)€11.50
Angus Classic Meal€10.85
Steakhouse Meal€11.20
Bacon Double Cheese Meal€10.00
Chicken Royale Meal (Meals)€11.20
Bacon Cheese Chicken Royale Meal€12.40
Chicken Crispy Meal€11.20
Chicken Strips Meal€9.85
Chicken Nuggets Meal (9 Pieces)€9.65
XL Big King Meal (Meals)€12.30
Hamburger Meal€7.30
Cheeseburger Meal€7.60
Double Cheeseburger Meal€9.50
Angus Steakhouse Meal€11.60
Angus Steakhouse Cheese and Bacon Meal€12.40
Plant Based Royale Meal€10.70
Flame Grilled Burger
Double Whopper€8.40
Triple Whopper€8.95
Whopper Jr€5.70
Bacon Double Cheese XL€7.40
Angus Classic€6.15
Bacon Double Cheeseburger€6.00
XL Big King Sandwich€8.40
Double Cheeseburger€5.70
Angus Steakhouse€6.80
Angus Steakhouse Cheese and Bacon€7.60
Crispy Chicken
Chicken Royale (Crispy Chicken)€6.90
Bacon Cheese Chicken Royale€8.10
Chicken Crispy€7.20
Crispy Chicken Bacon King€7.80
BK Kids Menu
King Junior Hamburger€2.20
King Junior Cheeseburger€2.70
King Junior Nuggets€2.20
Kid’s Chicken Sandwich€2.65
Bacon and Cheese Loaded Fries€4.00
Chilli Cheese Loaded Fries€4.00
Chicken Strips (2 Pieces)€3.15
Chicken Strips (4 Pieces)€5.40
Chicken Strips (6 Pieces)€8.05
Chicken Nuggets (6 Pieces)€8.45
Chicken Nuggets (10 Pieces)€9.55
Chicken Nuggets (20 Pieces)€9.85
Chilli Cheese Bites€2.55
500ml Bottle€3.05
Monster Original – 500ml€2.90
Monster Ultra – 500ml€2.90
Belgian Waffle€3.50
Chocolate Brownie (Desserts)€3.50
Plant Based, Veggie and Fish
Plant Based Whopper€5.60
Plant Based Royale€6.60

Burger King Ireland Menu Highlights and Categories

Burger King Ireland offers a diverse menu featuring their signature flame-grilled burgers, such as the Whopper, along with crispy chicken sandwiches, plant-based options, and Angus steakhouse burgers. Their meal options include fries and a drink, with various bundles catering to different group sizes. Sides like chicken strips, nuggets, and loaded fries complement the main courses, while desserts include Belgian waffles and chocolate brownies.

Burger King Breakfast Menu Ireland

Although the provided menu does not include specific breakfast items, Burger King Ireland typically serves breakfast sandwiches and other morning favorites.

Burger King Lunch Menu Ireland

For lunch, Burger King Ireland offers a variety of burgers, crispy chicken sandwiches, and plant-based options, with meal combos that include fries and a drink.

Burger King Dessert Menu Ireland

The dessert menu at Burger King Ireland features delicious Belgian waffles and indulgent chocolate brownies to satisfy your sweet cravings.


1. How much is a Whopper in Ireland ?

  • A Whopper in Ireland costs €6.90.

2. Which is best meal in Burger King?

The best meal at Burger King Ireland could be subjective, but the Bacon Double Cheese XL Meal is a popular choice at €11.50.

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