Burger King Menu Prices (India)

Here is the Burger King menu prices for India. You can check all the menu categories. We have also listed the summary of the Burger King menu for your convenience.

Burger King Menu with Prices India

2 for Combos’ starting at Rs.99
Crispy Veg Wrap + Crispy Veg Burger₹135.33
Crispy Veg Wrap + Crispy Veg Supreme Burger₹124.00
Veg Chilli Cheese Melt Burger + Crispy Veg Burger₹174.00
King Egg Wrap + Crispy Chicken Burger₹139.00
Chicken Keema Wrap + Crispy Chicken Burger₹154.00
Chicken Keema Wrap + BK Grill Chicken Burger₹178.00
BK Grill Chicken Burger + Crispy Chicken Burger₹174.00
Chicken Chilli Cheese Melt Burger + Crispy Chicken Burger₹204.00
BK Fried Chicken
BK® Fried Chicken₹99.00
New: Rice Bowl
Creamy Paneer Rice Bowl₹99.00
Creamy Paneer Rice + Veggie Strips [5 Pcs] + Pepsi Can₹199.00
Creamy Paneer Rice + Thick Chocolate Shake₹199.00
Creamy Paneer Rice + Veggie Strips [5 Pcs]₹139.00
Curried Chicken Rice Bowl₹149.00
Rice Bowl₹99.00
Curried Chicken Rice + Chicken Sticks [5 Pcs] + Pepsi Can₹269.00
Curried Chicken Rice + Fried Chicken [1 Pc] + Pepsi Can₹299.00
Curried Chicken Rice + Thick Chocolate Shake₹249.00
Curried chicken Rice + Chicken Sticks [5 Pcs]₹209.00
4-in-1 Feast
Veg 4-in-1 Feast₹249.00
Chicken 4-in-1 Feast₹299.00
Classic Burgers
King Egg Burger₹59.00
Crispy Veg₹55.00
Crispy Veg Supreme₹65.00
Crispy Chicken₹75.00
Makhani Supreme Veg₹79.00
Crispy Chicken Supreme₹85.00
BK® Veggie₹89.00
BK® Grill Chicken₹99.00
Makhani Supreme Chicken₹99.00
Veg Chilli Cheese Melt₹119.00
Chicken Chilli Cheese Melt₹129.00
Paneer King Melt₹129.55
Chicken Tandoor Grill₹149.00
Fiery Chicken₹149.55
Veg Whopper®₹139.00
Chicken Whopper®₹149.00
Mutton Whopper®₹219.00
Chicken Double Whopper₹219.00
Veg Double Whopper₹199.00
Mutton Double Whopper₹329.00
Veg Boss Whopper®₹189.91
Chicken Boss Whopper®₹199.91
Mutton Boss Whopper®₹259.91
Boss Whopper®₹189.50
Loaded Wraps!
Crispy Veg Wrap₹59.00
King Egg Wrap₹69.00
Chicken Keema Wrap₹79.00
Cheesy Fries₹99.00
Creamy Italian Fries₹99.00
Chicken Keema Fries₹129.00
Meal Combos
King Egg Combo₹186.14
Crispy Veg Combo₹182.14
BK® Veggie – Combo₹216.14
Crispy Veg Wrap Combo₹186.14
Crispy Veg Supreme Combo₹192.14
King Egg Wrap Combo₹196.14
Crispy Chicken Combo₹202.14
Chicken Keema Wrap Combo₹206.14
Crispy Chicken Supreme Combo₹212.14
BK® Grill Chicken – Combo₹226.14
Veg Chilli Cheese Melt – Combo₹246.14
Chicken Chilli Cheese Melt Combo₹256.14
Paneer King Melt – Combo₹256.62
Veg Whopper® – Combo₹266.14
Fiery Chicken – Combo₹276.62
Chicken Whopper® Combo₹276.14
Chicken Tandoor Grill – Combo₹276.14
Mutton Whopper® – Combo₹346.14
Veg Boss Whopper® Combo₹316.94
Chicken Boss Whopper® Combo₹326.59
Mutton Boss Whopper® Combo₹386.59
Cravers & Beverages
Fries – Regular Fries₹70.00
Fries – King Fries₹90.00
Fries – Medium Fries₹80.00
Lipton Ice Tea₹70.00
Cold Coffee₹99.00
Mango Thick Shake₹139.00
Chocolate Thick Shake₹139.00
Strawberry Thick Shake₹139.00
Black Currant Smoothie₹169.00
Strawberry Smoothie₹169.00
Chicken Wings
Chicken Wings [15 Pcs] – Grilled₹399.00
Chicken Wings [15 Pcs] – Fried₹399.00
Chicken Wings [15 Pcs] – 5 Pcs Grilled + 10 Pcs Fried₹359.00
Chicken Wings [2 Pcs] – Fried₹65.00
Chicken Wings [2 Pcs] – Grilled₹65.00
Chicken Wings [4 Pcs] – Fried₹119.00
Chicken Wings [4 Pcs] – Grilled₹119.00
Chicken Wings [10 Pcs] – Fried₹279.00
Chicken Wings [10 Pcs] – Grilled₹279.00

Burger King India Menu Highlights and Categories

Burger King India menu summary: Burger King India offers a variety of delicious options, including burgers, wraps, rice bowls, and meal combos. They cater to diverse tastes by providing veg, chicken, and mutton options along with innovative creations like Makhani Supreme and Paneer King Melt. For a side, you can choose from fries, cravers, and beverages, while the dessert options include thick shakes and smoothies. The menu features competitive pricing, with 2-for-combos starting at ₹99.

Burger King India Breakfast Menu

Burger King India doesn’t have a separate breakfast menu, but options like King Egg Burger, King Egg Wrap, and Cappuccino or Latte can be suitable for breakfast.

Burger King India Lunch Menu

For lunch, you can enjoy a variety of burgers, wraps, and rice bowls. The Whopper series, Paneer King Melt, and Chicken Tandoor Grill are popular choices. Meal combos are available for a complete meal experience.

Burger King India Dessert Menu

Dessert options at Burger King India include Mango, Chocolate, and Strawberry Thick Shakes, as well as Black Currant and Strawberry Smoothies.


1. How much is a Whopper in India?

A Veg Whopper costs ₹139, a Chicken Whopper costs ₹149, and a Mutton Whopper costs ₹219 in India.

2. Which is the best meal in India Burger King?

The best meal depends on personal preferences, but the Whopper series and 4-in-1 Feast options are popular choices among customers.

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