Hungry Jacks Menu Prices Australia (Burger King)

Here is the Hungry Jacks menu prices for Australia. You can check all the menu categories. We have also listed the summary of the Burger King menu for your convenience. In Australia, Burger King named as Hungry Jacks. So instead of Burger King Australia menu, we have listed Hungry Jack’s menu.

Hungry Jacks Menu with Prices in Australia

Bao Burger King
Katsu King Burger$14.90
Baolicious Burger$14.90
Hot N Spicy Burger$14.90
Chicken Tartare$14.90
Fish Burger$14.90
Family Meals
Mixed Feast$38.90
Hungry Feast$46.90
Coke No Sugar$3.75
Lychee Tea With Jelly$3.75
Mango Tea With Jelly$3.75
Passionfuit With Jelly$3.75
Peach Tea With Jelly$3.75
Salad Bowl
Tuna Mayo Salad$16.90
Miso Eggplant Salad$15.90
Chicken Katsu Salad$15.90
More To Share
Regular Edamame$7.90
Regular Fries$8.90
Katsu Tenders$12.90
Veggie Tempura$12.90
Miso Eggplant$12.90
Pork Gyoza$13.90
Veggie Gyoza$13.90
Cheesy Gyoza$14.90
Steamed Rice$3.00
Sauce (Mayo)$1.50
Sauce (Spicy)$1.50
Sauce (Sweet Chilli Mayo)$1.50
Sauce (Katsu)$1.50
Sauce (Tartare)$1.50
Sauce (Garlic Aioli)$1.50
Sauce (Miso)$1.50
Sauce (Teriyaki)$1.50
Sauce (Sesame Dressing)$1.50
Sauce (House Dressing)$1.50
Sauce (Chilli Oil)$1.50
Sauce (Chilli Powder)$1.50

Hungry Jacks Australia Menu Highlights and Categories

Hungry Jacks Australia menu summary: Hungry Jacks Australia offers a diverse range of delicious Asian-inspired burgers and sides, such as Katsu King Burger, Baolicious Burger, and Hot N Spicy Burger. The menu also includes family meals like Mixed Feast and Hungry Feast, drinks, salad bowls, and shareable items such as edamame, fries, and gyoza. A variety of sauces are available to complement your meal.

Hungry Jacks Australia Breakfast menu

As the provided menu does not include specific breakfast items, it’s unclear if Hungry Jacks Australia offers a separate breakfast menu.

Hungry Jacks Australia lunch menu

For lunch, customers can enjoy Asian-inspired burgers like Katsu King and Baolicious, salad bowls like Tuna Mayo Salad and Chicken Katsu Salad, and various sides and shareable items.

Hungry Jacks Australia dessert menu

The provided menu does not list any dessert items, so it’s unclear if Hungry Jacks Australia offers a dessert menu.


1. How much is a Whopper in Australia?

The provided menu does not include a Whopper, so the price is unknown.

2. Which is the best meal in Australia Hungry Jacks?

The best meal at Hungry Jacks Australia depends on personal preference; popular choices include the Katsu King Burger and the Mixed Feast for families.

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