Burger King Menu Prices (South Africa)

Here is the Burger King menu prices for South Africa. You can check all the menu categories. We have also listed the summary of the Burger King menu for your convenience.

Burger King Menu with Prices South Africa

Fresh Off the Grill 🔥
Hot Chilli LoverR97,90
Double Hot Chilli LoverR123,90
Chicken Hot Chilli LoverR97,90
Hot Chilli Lover – Burger Only (Fresh Off the Grill 🔥)R71,90
Chicken Hot Chilli Lover – Burger OnlyR71,90
Veggie Kings 🌿
Plant-Based Double Hot Chilli LoverR137,90
Plant-Based Hot Chilli LoverR111,90
Plant-Based WHOPPERR92,90
Plant-Based WHOPPER JrR72,90
Vegan Royale (Medium Meal)R83,90
Vegan Royale (Make it Large)R100,90
Vegan Royale (Burger Only)R54,90
6pc Vegan NuggetsR71,90
9pc Vegan Nuggets (Medium Meal)R81,90
9pc Vegan Nuggets (Make it Large)R98,90
9pc Vegan Nuggets (Nuggets Only)R53,90
12pc Vegan Nuggets (Medium Meal)R94,90
12pc Vegan Nuggets (Make it Large)R111,90
12pc Vegan Nuggets (Nuggets Only)R66,90
Plant-Based Hot Chilli Lover – Burger OnlyR83,90
Plant-Based WHOPPER – Burger OnlyR63,90
Picked for you
Extra Long Chilli Cheese – Burger OnlyR69,90
Big KingR76,90
Nacho Cheese Loaded FriesR37,90
Hot Chilli Lover – Burger OnlyR71,90
BBQ Pepper Jack Sandwich (Medium Meal)R126,90
BBQ Pepper Jack Sandwich (Burger Only)R97,90
BBQ Pepper Jack Sandwich (Make it Large)R143,90
Mustard Cheese Sandwich (Medium Meal)R126,90
Mustard Cheese Sandwich (Burger Only)R97,90
Mustard Cheese Sandwich (Make it Large)R143,90
BBQ Pepper Jack Sandwich – Burger OnlyR97,90
Mustard Cheese Sandwich – Burger OlyR97,90
Chicken BBQ Pepper Jack Sandwich (Medium Meal)R128,90
Chicken BBQ Pepper Jack Sandwich (Burger Only)R100,90
Chicken BBQ Pepper Jack Sandwich (Make it Large)R145,90
Chicken Mustard Cheese Sandwich (Medium Meal)R128,90
Chicken Mustard Cheese Sandwich (Burger Only)R100,90
Chicken Mustard Cheese Sandwich (Make it Large)R145,90
Chicken Mustard Cheese Sandwich – Burger OnlyR100,90
Chicken BBQ Pepper Jack Sandwich – Burger OnlyR100,90
WHOPPER with Cheese (Medium Meal)R86,90
WHOPPER with Cheese (Make it Large)R103,90
WHOPPER with Cheese (Burger Only)R61,90
DOUBLE WHOPPER (Medium Meal)R103,90
DOUBLE WHOPPER (Make it Large)R120,90
DOUBLE WHOPPER (Burger Only)R75,90
DOUBLE WHOPPER with Cheese (Medium Meal)R104,90
DOUBLE WHOPPER with Cheese (Make it Large)R121,90
DOUBLE WHOPPER with Cheese (Burger Only)R82,90
TRIPLE WHOPPER with CheeseR129,90
WHOPPER JR with Cheese (Medium Meal)R70,90
WHOPPER JR with Cheese (Make it Large)R87,90
WHOPPER JR with Cheese (Burger Only)R41,90
DOUBLE WHOPPER JR with CheeseR90,90
FIERCE WHOPPER JR (Medium Meal)R70,90
FIERCE WHOPPER JR (Make it Large)R87,90
FIERCE WHOPPER JR (Burger Only)R41,90
Beef Burgers
Big King (Beef Burgers)R76,90
Big King XXL (Medium Meal)R112,90
Big King XXL (Make it Large)R129,90
Big King XXL (Burger Only)R84,90
Extra Long Chilli Cheese (Medium Meal)R93,90
Extra Long Chilli Cheese (Make it Large)R110,90
Extra Long Chilli Cheese (Burger Only)R69,90
Boerewors BurgerR84,90
Double CheeseburgerR84,90
Double Stacker (Medium Meal)R75,90
Double Stacker (Make it Large)R92,90
Double Stacker (Burger Only)R46,90
Triple StackerR84,90
Quadruple StackerR90,90
Double Stacker XLR110,90
Triple Stacker XLR129,90
Quadruple Stacker XLR150,90
Chilli CheeseburgerR68,90
Double Chilli CheeseburgerR81,90
Texas BBQ KingR132,90
Texas BBQ King 3.0R164,90
Extra Long Chilli Cheese – Burger Only (Beef Burgers)R69,90
Chicken Burgers
Chicken BurgerR55,90
Chicken Big King (Medium Meal)R79,90
Chicken Big King (Make it Large)R96,90
Chicken Big King (Burger Only)R50,90
Original ChickenR80,90
Original Chilli Cheese Chicken (Medium Meal)R92,90
Original Chilli Cheese Chicken (Make it Large)R109,90
Original Chilli Cheese Chicken (Burger Only)R63,90
Original Chicken with CheeseR84,90
BK CRUNCH with CheeseR76,90
Crispy ChickenR85,90
Crispy Chicken with CheeseR89,90
Spicy FIERCE Crispy ChickenR93,90
Texas BBQ Chicken King (Medium Meal)R96,90
Texas BBQ Chicken King (Make it Large)R113,90
Texas BBQ Chicken King (Burger Only)R67,90
Family Meals
Beef Family MealR284,90
Chicken Family MealR284,90
Mix Family MealR284,90
King JR™ Meals
Burger King JrR55,90
Cheeseburger King JrR55,90
Chicken Nuggets King JrR55,90
Double Cheeseburger King JrR68,90
Chicken King JrR55,90
Whopper Jr (Kids)R68,90
Plant-Based Whopper King JrR72,90
Vegan Nuggets King JrR58,90
Wings (Sides)R37,90
6PC Nugget (Medium Meal)R67,90
6PC Nugget (Make it Large)R84,90
6PC Nugget (Nuggets Only)R38,90
9PC Nugget (Medium Meal)R80,90
9PC Nugget (Make it Large)R97,90
9PC Nugget (Nuggets Only)R51,90
12PC Nugget (Medium Meal)R93,90
12PC Nugget (Make it Large)R110,90
12PC Nugget (Nuggets Only)R64,90
20PC Nugget (Medium Meal)R119,90
20PC Nugget (Make it Large)R136,90
20PC Nugget (Nuggets Only)R90,90
4pc Chicken Tenders (Chicken Tenders Only)R42,90
4pc Chicken Tenders (Medium Meal)R71,90
4pc Chicken Tenders (Make it Large)R88,90
6pc Chicken TendersR84,90
Nacho Cheese Loaded Fries (Sides)R37,90
Chilli Cheese Bites 6pcR53,90
Mozzarella Cheese sticksR55,90
Fries (Small)R19,90
Fries (Medium)R27,90
Fries (Large)R29,90
Onion Rings (6 Pieces)R23,90
Onion Rings (9 Pieces)R29,90
Loaded V-CrispersR40,90
Cold Drinks
Mountain DewR28,90
Mirinda OrangeR28,90
Pepsi LightR25,90
7-UP FREER25,90
Pepsi MaxR25,90
Pepsi Max VanillaR25,90
Pepsi Max LimeR25,90
Lipton Ice TeaR28,90
BK Bottled WaterR20,90
Pura Soda – PomegranateR23,90
Pura Soda – Sevilla OrangeR23,90
Pura Soda – CranberryR23,90
Chocolate ShakeR31,90
Vanilla ShakeR31,90
Strawberry ShakeR31,90
Milktart ShakeR36,90

Burger King South Africa Menu Highlights and Categories

Burger King South Africa offers a diverse menu catering to different tastes, including a variety of beef, chicken, and plant-based burgers, with their signature WHOPPER® line. The menu also features gourmet sandwiches, family meals, and King JR™ Meals for kids. Sides such as loaded fries, wings, and onion rings complement the meals, while a range of cold drinks and shakes provide refreshing options.

Burger King breakfast menu South Africa

Burger King South Africa does not have a specific breakfast menu in the provided information.

Burger King lunch menu South Africa

For lunch, customers can enjoy options like the Hot Chilli Lover, Plant-Based WHOPPER, Chicken BBQ Pepper Jack Sandwich, or a range of beef and chicken burgers.

Burger King Dessert menu South Africa

The dessert menu is not provided in the given information. However, Burger King South Africa offers a selection of shakes, including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and Milktart Shake.


1. How much is a Whopper in South Africa?

  • A WHOPPER in South Africa costs R83,90.

2. Which is best meal in Burger King?

  • The best meal at Burger King South Africa depends on individual preferences, but the WHOPPER® is a popular choice.

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