Burger King Menu Prices (Thailand)

Here is the Burger King menu prices for Thailand. You can check all the menu categories. We have also listed the summary of the Burger King menu for your convenience.

Burger King Menu with Prices Thailand

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Buy 1 Get 1 Extralong Chicken Cheese฿285.00
Exclusive Campaign
BBQ Bacon Cheese, Extralong Cheese and Regular Fries฿339.00
Tomyum Chicken King
Tomyum Chicken King 1 pc฿50.09
Tomyum Chicken King 3 pcs฿151.00
Tomyum Chicken King 1 pc, Regular French Fries and Drink฿130.82
Tomyum Chicken King 2 pcs, Regular French Fries and Drink฿180.82
Tomyum Chicken King 10 pcs฿474.45
Tomyum Chicken King 5 pcs, Tempura Nuggets 5 pcs and Regular French Fries฿350.82
Tomyum Chicken King 5 pcs, Regular French Fries and Drinks฿350.82
Tomyum Chicken King 6 pcs, Salted Chicken 7 pcs, Tempura Nuggets 10 pcs and Drinks฿442.64
Tomyum Chicken King 2 pcs, Original Chicken King 1 pc and Tempura Nuggets 5 pcs฿264.45
Tomyum Chicken King 3 pcs, Original Chicken King 2 pcs, Tempura Nuggets 5 pcs and Regular French Fries฿399.00
Flame Grilled BBQ Cheese and Double Fish’N Crisp฿189.00
Double Fish’N Crisp and Double Chick’N Crisp Cheese฿189.00
Double Fish’N Crisp and Double Fish’N Crisp฿189.00
Double Fish’N Crisp and Plant-Based Whopper Jr.฿189.00
Flame Grilled BBQ Cheese and Double Chick’N Crisp Cheese฿189.00
Flame Grilled BBQ Cheese and Flame Grilled BBQ Cheese฿189.00
Flame Grilled BBQ Cheese and Plant-Based Whopper Jr.฿189.00
Double Chick’N Crisp Cheese and Plant-Based Whopper Jr.฿189.00
Chicken Bucket
Original Chicken 5 Pcs, Nuggets and Regular Fries฿351.22
Original Fried Chicken 10 Pcs฿475.67
Original Chicken 5 Pcs, Regular Fries and Coke฿351.22
Original Chicken 6 Pcs, Kai Klua Kue, Nuggets and Coke฿443.44
Plant Based
Plant Based Whopper Junior฿158.00
Plant Based Whopper Value Meal Junior฿254.00
Single Plant Based Black Truffle฿188.00
Single Plant Based Black Truffle Value Meal฿278.00
Spicy Fried Chicken
Original Fried Chicken 1 pc.฿50.09
Original Fried Chicken 3 pcs.฿151.00
2 Spicy Chicken, 1 Original Chicken and 5 Nuggets฿261.50
Crispy Chicken with Rice and Teriyaki Sauce฿216.27
Salted Chicken with Sticky Rice฿198.09
Spicy Chicken with Rice and Teriyaki Sauce฿107.18
Spicy Chicken with Rice and Teriyaki Sauce and Drink฿139.00
Salted Chicken with Sticky Rice and Drink฿139.00
Snack Sets
Tempura Nuggets and Apple Pie฿99.00
Snack Box : Regular French Fries, Tempura Nugget and Salted Chicken฿175.00
Cheesy Truffle Fries฿159.00
Cheesy Truffle Hashbrown฿159.00
Apple Pie฿38.64
Taro with Corn Pie฿39.44
Japanese Sweet Potato Pie฿39.00
A La Carte
Double Whopper฿266.27
Whopper Cheese฿226.27
Double Whopper Cheese฿296.27
Whopper Jr.฿157.89
Whopper Jr. Bacon Cheese฿196.27
Mushroom Swiss฿156.27
Double Mushroom Swiss฿216.27
Cheese Burger฿136.27
Double Cheese Burger฿196.27
BBQ Bacon Cheese฿176.27
Double BBQ Bacon Cheese฿246.27
Ninja Burger฿118.09
Spicy Ch’King Burger฿139.91
Extra Long Chicken Cheese฿196.27
Double Fish N Crisp฿158.09
Black Truffle Single Mushroom Swiss฿186.27
Black Truffle Double Mushroom Swiss฿246.27
Value Meals
Whopper Value Meal฿288.09
Double Whopper Value Meal฿358.09
Whopper Cheese Value Meal฿318.09
Double Whopper Cheese Value Meal฿388.09
Whopper Jr. Value Meal฿248.09
Whopper Jr. Bacon Cheese Value Meal฿288.09
Mushroom Swiss Value Meal฿248.09
Double Mushroom Swiss Value Meal฿313.55
Cheese Burger Value Meal฿228.09
Double Cheese Burger Value Meal฿288.09
BBQ Bacon Cheese Value Meal฿268.09
Double BBQ Bacon Cheese Value Meal฿338.09
Ninja Burger Value Meal฿209.91
Spicy Ch’King Burger Value Meal฿239.91
Extra Long Chicken Cheese Value Meal฿279.00
Double Fish N’ Crisp VM฿251.73
6 pcs Tempura Nugget VM฿208.09
10 pcs Tempura Nugget VM฿242.45
Black Truffle Single Mushroom Swiss Value Meal฿278.09
Black Truffle Double Mushroom Swiss Value Meal฿338.09
Drinks and Premium Coffee
Chocolate Milkshake฿83.64
Strawberry Milkshake฿83.64
Vanilla Milkshake฿83.64
Iced Americano฿72.64
Iced Cappuccino฿82.64
Iced Latte฿82.64
Orange Juice฿53.45
Coke Zero฿53.44
Bottle of Water฿24.44
Sprite No Sugar฿52.64
Minute Maid Splash฿52.64
Fuze Tea฿52.64

Burger King Thailand Menu Highlights and Categories

Burger King Thailand offers a diverse menu that caters to various tastes and preferences. It features buy 1 get 1 deals, exclusive campaigns, Tomyum Chicken King options, promotional deals, chicken buckets, plant-based options, spicy fried chicken, rice dishes, snack sets, sides, desserts, a la carte burgers, value meals, and a wide range of drinks and premium coffee.

Burger King Breakfast Menu Thailand

Burger King Thailand does not have a specific breakfast menu based on the provided information.

Burger King Lunch Menu Thailand

Burger King Thailand’s lunch menu includes various value meals, plant-based options, chicken buckets, and rice dishes to satisfy midday cravings.

Burger King Dessert Menu Thailand

The dessert menu at Burger King Thailand features mouth-watering options like Apple Pie, Taro with Corn Pie, and Japanese Sweet Potato Pie.


1. How much is a Whopper in Thailand?

  • A Whopper in Thailand costs ฿196.27.

2. Which is best meal in Burger King?

The best meal in Thailand Burger King varies based on individual preferences; however, the Whopper Value Meal is a popular choice among customers.

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