Burger King Menu Prices (Poland)

Here are the Burger King menu prices for Poland. You can check all menu categories. For your convenience, we have also included a summary of the Burger King menu.

Burger King Menu Prices

Z myślą o Tobie
Nuggets 9 Sztuk + sosyzł16,99
Triple Whopper Zestawzł41,38
BandJ Deals Whopper dla dwojgazł79,99
Chicken King Zestawzł30,61
Double King’s Whiskey BBQ Zestawzł50,65
Steakhouse Zestawzł33,17
BandJ Deals Chicken Pocket dla dwojgazł79,99
Double Chicken King Zestawzł37,61
King’s Whiskey BBQ Zestawzł40,52
Whopper Zestawzł28,46
BandJ Deals Crispy Chicken dla dwojgazł69,99
Double Bacon and Cheese Whopper Zestawzł42,50
Double King’s Chimichurri Zestawzł48,37
Double King’s Italiano Zestawzł51,99
Big King XXL Zestawzł39,13
King’s Chimichurri Zestawzł38,03
Big King Zestawzł28,32
Double Whopper Zestawzł34,96
Chicken Royale Zestawzł29,16
Double Cheddar Bacon Duo zestawzł41,73
King Box Whopper Juniorzł29,68
Cheddar Bacon Duo zestawzł33,78
Double Steakhouse Chicken King Zestawzł41,99
King’s Italiano Zestawzł41,99
Double Bacon Crispy Zestawzł39,51
Crispy Chicken Zestawzł26,81
Colorado King Chicken Zestawzł29,99
King Box Bacon Cheese Whopperzł35,68
Dziecięcy Zestaw z zabawkązł18,68
Double Colorado King Chicken Zestawzł36,99
King Box Whopperzł31,68
Chilli Cheese King Zestawzł29,99
Plant-Based Nuggets Zestawzł22,17
BandJ Deals Whopperzł35,99
Double Chilli Cheese King Zestawzł36,99
BaconandCheese Chicken Royal Zestawzł34,99
Bacon and Cheese Whopper Zestawzł35,84
Sałatka Italiano Chicken Royale Zestawzł30,99
Sałatka Italiano Beef Zestawzł30,99
Steakhouse Chicken King Zestawzł33,99
Sałatka Italiano Plant-Based Royale Zestawzł30,99
Plant-Based Royale zestawzł31,21
Bacon Crispy Zestawzł32,08
Plant-Based Whopper Zestawzł30,43
BandJ Deals Crispy Chickenzł29,99
Double Cheeseburger Zestawzł25,01
Cheese Crispy Chicken Zestawzł29,13
BandJ Deals Chicken Pocketzł31,27
Cheese Tendercrisp W Zestawiezł31,83
Chicken Royal Zestawzł25,37
Plant-Based Double Cheeseburger zestawzł26,75
Top sellers
Christmas boxzł59,95
Picked For You
Double Cheddar Whopperzł25,00
Oferta Sezonowa
Chipsy Lays Paprykowe 60gzł3,00
Chipsy Lays Solone 140gzł4,00
Chipsy Lays Zielona Cebulka 60gzł3,00
Double Texas BBQ Chickenzł31,95
Texas BBQ Chickenzł25,95
Texas BBQ Chicken Pocketzł25,95
Texas Fries BBQ and Cheesezł11,95
King Box
King Box BeefandChicken Dla 2zł59,99
King Box BeefandChicken Dla 6zł129,99
King Box BeefandChicken Dla 4zł99,99
Bacon & Cheese Frieszł9,00
Rebel Whopperzł17,36
Double Emmentaler Whopperzł25,00
Football Box BeefandChickenzł99,99
King Box BeefandChicken Dla 2 Osóbzł59,97
Football Box Beefzł99,99
Football Box Plant-Basedzł99,99
King Box BeefandChicken Dla 4 Osóbzł99,97
King Box BeefandChicken Dla 6 Osóbzł129,97
Snack Box Onion Ringszł15,27
Snack Box King Nuggetszł29,04
Snack Box Chili Cheese Nuggetszł31,21
Edycja Limitowana
Angus BBQ Santazł23,99
Camembert Biteszł9,99
Double Mushroom Swiss Beefzł23,95
Angus Snow Cheesezł23,99
Double Mushroom Swiss Chickenzł27,95
Criss Cutszł7,95
Angus Angry Santazł23,99
Cheddar Bacon Duo Pocketzł24,31
Chicken Pocketzł18,92
Beef Pocketzł22,83
Cheddar Bacon Duo Pocket zestawzł33,78
Halloumi Pocketzł23,25
Double King Beef Pocketzł29,99
Double King Beef Pocket Zestawzł39,99
King Beef Pocketzł23,99
King Beef Pocket Zestawzł33,99
Steakhouse Chicken Pocket Zestawzł33,99
Halloumi Pocket Zestawzł33,68
Podwójny Chicken Pocketzł25,35
Podwójny Beef Pocketzł29,31
Podwójny Halloumi Pocket Zestawzł38,84
Podwójny Halloumi Pocketzł29,53
Chicken Pocket Zestawzł28,17
Podwójny Chicken Pocket Zestawzł34,65
Beef Pocket Zestawzł31,92
Steakhouse Chicken Pocketzł24,48
Podwójny Beef Pocket Zestawzł37,94
Burgery z wołowiną
Triple Whopperzł31,61
Double Bacon and Cheese Whopperzł32,97
Big King XXLzł29,48
Double King’s Chimichurrizł40,24
Double Whopperzł25,50
Double King’s Italianozł41,98
Double King’s Whiskey BBQzł41,32
King’s Chimichurrizł29,94
King’s Italianozł32,21
Big Kingzł18,78
King’s Whiskey BBQzł31,42
Bacon and Cheese Whopperzł26,33
Double Cheeseburgerzł15,51
Whopper Juniorzł10,55
Burgery z kurczakiem
Cheese Tendercrispzł23,69
Chicken Kingzł22,61
BaconandCheese Chicken Royalezł25,21
Double Steakhouse Chicken Kingzł31,98
Cheese Crispy Chickenzł19,56
Double Chicken Kingzł29,68
Chicken Royalzł17,37
Double Bacon Crispyzł30,64
Steakhouse Chicken Kingzł24,48
Colorado King Chickenzł22,52
Chicken Royalezł18,64
Double Cheddar Bacon Duozł31,64
Double Colorado King Chickenzł29,59
Cheddar Bacon Duozł24,31
Bacon Crispyzł23,21
Chilli Cheese Kingzł22,52
Double Chilli Cheese Kingzł29,59
Chicken Tender Crispzł21,26
Crispy Chickenzł17,22
Bacon&Cheese Whopperzł19,68
Double Cheesburgerzł13,97
Chicken Burgerzł6,91
Chili Cheese Burgerzł6,91
Whopper Jr Burgerzł9,76
Ranch Burgerzł5,69
Zielone Menu
Plant-Based Royalezł21,21
Plant-Based Cheeseburgerzł9,75
Plant-Based Double Cheeseburgerzł16,75
6 Plant-Based Nuggetszł12,99
Plant-Based Chili Cheese Burgerzł9,99
Plant-Based Hamburgerzł9,99
Plant based
Roślinne Nuggetszł14,10
Roślinne Nuggets Zestawzł24,95
Sałatka Italiano Plantzł22,95
Plant-Based Chilli Cheese Burgerzł8,95
Plant Based Nuggets 6 szt.zł11,84
Plant-Based Whopperzł20,84
Coca Colazł6,99
Pepsi Max 0,85Lzł9,99
Coca Cola Zerozł6,99
Pepsi 0,85Lzł9,99
Lech Free Limonka-Mięta 0,5Lzł8,99
Pepsi 0,33Lzł7,83
Lech Free 0,5Lzł8,99
Pepsi Max 0,33lzł7,83
Lipton Brzoskwiniowy 0,33Lzł7,83
Piwo bezalkoholowe Lech Free limonka-miętazł9,85
Sok Cappyzł6,43
Woda Kropla Beskiduzł6,43
Fuze Tea o smaku limonkowo-miętowym z ekstraktem z zielonej herbaty.zł9,95
Lipton Cytrynowy 0,33lzł7,83
Fuze Tea o smaku brzoskwiniowym z ekstraktem z hibiskusazł9,95
Fuze Tea Peachzł7,28
Mirinda 0,33lzł7,83
Sok Cappy 0.33lzł7,74
7 UP 0,33Lzł7,83
Fuze Tea o smaku zielonej herbaty i cytrusówzł9,95
Fuze Tea Lemonzł7,28
Sok Jabłkowy 0,3Lzł6,91
Fuze Tea Green Tea Citruszł7,28
Piwo bezalkoholowe Lech Freezł8,89
Sok Pomarańczowy 0,3Lzł6,91
Kropla Beskidu Woda Niegazowana Butelka 500mlzł7,95
Woda Niegazowana 0,5Lzł6,90
Woda Gazowana 0,5Lzł6,91
Lech Free Limonka-Mięta 0.5Lzł7,95
Lech Free 0.5Lzł7,04
Lody Ben&Jerry’s
Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough 465 mlzł26,99
Ben and Jerry’s Netflix and Chill’d 465 mlzł26,99
Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough 100 mlzł9,99
Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie 100 mlzł9,99
Lody BenandJerry`s Cookie Dough 465mlzł26,99
Oreo Shakezł11,82
Lody BenandJerry`s NetflixandChill 465mlzł26,99
Espresso Shakezł12,08
Lody BenandJerry`s Cookie Dough 100mlzł9,99
Czekoladowy Oreo Shakezł11,90
Słony Karmel Shakezł12,42
Sałatka Italiano Chickenzł22,95
Sałatka Italiano Chicken Royalezł20,99
Chilli Cheese Frieszł11,06
Duże Frytkizł9,97
King Nuggets 9szt.zł18,89
Sałatka Italiano Beefzł21,44
Frytki XXLzł10,76
Sałatka Italiano Plant-Based Royalezł20,99
Frytki XXL 180gzł12,53
Onion Ringszł7,99
9 Nuggets + sosyzł18,99
Chili Cheese Nuggets 5szt.zł13,95
Chili Cheese Nuggetszł10,99
Duże Frytki 116gzł11,71
Steakhouse Frieszł13,23
King Nuggetszł10,99
Onion Rings 9szt.zł13,10
Sos Słodko-Ostryzł2,00
5 Chilli Cheese Nuggetszł11,99
Sałatka Colesławzł6,82
Sos BBQzł2,00
9 Onion Ringszł11,99
Chilli Cheese Nuggets 5 szt.zł11,30
Sos Czosnkowyzł2,00
Średnie frytkizł10,99
Onion Rings 9 sztukzł10,37
Sos miodowo-musztardowyzł2,00
Sos Musztardowo-Miodowyzł2,00
Sos Słodkie Chillizł2,00
Zestaw 3 Sosówzł5,44

Main Attractions and Categories In the Burger King Polska Menu

Burger King Poland offers a varied menu with a variety of options, including beef, chicken and plant based burgers, dishes and snacks. The menu also includes limited-time offers, King Box meal deals, and couples specials. Desserts, drinks and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream are also available.

Burger King Poland Breakfast Menu

The Burger King Polska breakfast menu is not included in the information provided. The most accurate details of the breakfast menu can be found on the local Burger King Polska website.

Burger King Poland Lunch Menu

The Burger King Polska lunch menu includes a selection of Whoppers, Chicken Kings and other burger options, as well as meal deals and King Boxes for larger groups.

Dessert Menu Burger King Poland

The dessert menu at Burger King Polska includes various cocktails, Oreo Shake, Espresso Shake and Chocolate Oreo Shake. Additionally, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is available in various flavors and sizes.

Frequently asked questions:

How much does Whopper cost in Poland?

Ans:- Whopper in Poland costs PLN 19.11.

Which Burger King meal is the best?

Ans:- The best meal at Burger King Polska can vary depending on personal preferences, but a popular choice is the Triple Whopper set for PLN 41.38.

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