Burger King Menu Prices Pakistan

Here are the Burger King Menu Prices for Pakistan. You can check all menu categories. We have also listed a summary of the Burger King menu for your convenience.

Burger King Menu Prices Pakistan

Pau-Pau Favorites
Pau-Pau Deal 1₨333.00
Pau-Pau Deal 2₨444.00
Pau-Pau Deal 3₨555.00
Pau-Pau Deal 7₨1,595.00
Double Deals
Double Deal 1₨499.00
Spicy Whopper Jr.₨400.00
Flame Grilled, Crispy & Tender
Big King Beef₨600.00
Big King Chicken₨550.00
Budget Bites
Chatpata Chicken₨270.00
Spicy Crispy Chicken₨300.00
Chicken N Crisp₨200.00
Aloo Chicken Max₨150.00
7up – 345 ml₨100.00
Pepsi – 345 ml₨100.00
Mirinda – 345 ml₨100.00

Burger King Pakistan Menu Highlights and Categories

Burger King Pakistan Menu Summary: Burger King Pakistan offers a variety of delicious and affordable meals, including Paw Paw Favorites, Double Deals, Whipper, Flame Grilled, Crispy & Tender, and Budget Bites. The menu also includes a selection of beverages such as 7up, Pepsi and Mirinda. With delicious options for various budgets, Burger King Pakistan caters to the diverse tastes and preferences of customers across the country.

Burger King Pakistan Breakfast Menu

Burger King Pakistan does not have a specific breakfast menu as mentioned in the list provided.

Burger King Pakistan Lunch Menu

For lunch, customers can enjoy Pow-Pow Deals, Double Deals, Whoppers, or the Flame Grilled, Crispy & Tender, and Budget Bites sections, with flavors and meal sizes to satisfy any appetite. offer a range.

Burger King Pakistan Dessert Menu

No dessert menu is provided in the given list.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much is a hopper in Pakistan?

Ans:- A spicy Hopper Junior costs ₨400.00 in Pakistan.

What is the best food in Pakistan Burger King?

Ans:- Burger King is better in Pakistan.

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