Burger King Menu Prices NZ (New Zealand)

Here are the Burger King menu prices for New Zealand. You can check all menu items. We have also listed the Burger King menu summary for your convenience.

Burger King Menu and New Zealand Prices

Individual Items
Outlaw XL$15.75
BK® Chicken$9.10
BK® Chicken Nuggets 3 Pack$3.38
Streaky Bacon Steakhouse$12.95
Triple Mega Stacker$17.70
Double BK® Chicken$11.99
New York Steakhouse$14.11
Double Mega Stacker$14.05
Single Mega Stacker$9.80
Whopper® with Cheese$11.42
BK® Chicken with Cheese$9.98
Cheese and Bacon Tendercrisp®$14.06
Angry® Steakhouse$13.10
Hawaiian BK® Chicken$10.68
BBQ Bacon Double Cheeseburger$9.53
Creamy Mayo Cheeseburger$3.37
BK® Chicken Nuggets 6 Pack$6.40
Double Whopper®$12.39
Triple Cheeseburger$10.33
BK® Chicken Nuggets 10 Pack$5.00
Original Tendercrisp®$11.69
BK® Chicken Nuggets 20 Pack$9.99
Double Cheeseburger$8.00
Double Whopper® with Cheese$13.19
BBQ Rodeo™$4.44
Triple Whopper®$16.27
XL Bomb$13.11
Long Beef Rodeo™$9.96
Triple Whopper® with Cheese$17.53
The Bomb$4.22
XL Rodeo™$12.98
Whopper® Jr$7.71
Whopper® Jr with Cheese$8.50
Crispy Chicken$4.20
Chicken Rodeo™$6.16
Chicken Fries$6.53
Creamy Mayo Double Cheeseburger$7.72
Long Chicken Rodeo™$10.44
Nugget Burger$4.61
Cheesy Cheeseburger$3.05
King Onion Rings$5.15
Side Salad$2.45
Spicy-ish Jalapeno Fries$6.05
King Meaty$16.40
Loaded Fries$5.95
Sweet Treats
Hershey’s Chocolate Pie$5.63
Churros 5 Pack$4.89
Churros 3 Pack$3.11
Rebel Whopper®$9.87
Flame Grilled Beef
Cheeseburger King Box$5.60
King Box Chicken Nuggets$5.50
Breakfast Meals
BK Breakfast Bacon Burger Meal$12.35
Morning Kick Start™$9.73
Bacon Egg & Cheese Muffin Meal$11.28
Sausage Egg & Cheese Muffin Meal$11.28
Eggs Bene Deluxe Meal$12.10
Sausage Eggs Bene Deluxe Meal$12.13
King Muffin™ Meal$12.79
Chicken Muffin Meal$11.10
Muffin and Jam Meal$7.70
Egg Muffin Meal$8.50
Hotcakes Meal$11.08
Brekkie Wrap Meal$12.03
BLT Wrap Meal$11.36
Breakfast of Champions™$15.58
Sausage, Egg & Cheese Muffin Stunner™$12.11
Bacon, Egg & Cheese Muffin Stunner™$12.11
Breakfast Items
BK Breakfast Bacon Burger$7.82
Bacon Egg & Cheese Muffin$7.15
Sausage Egg & Cheese Muffin$6.97
Eggs Bene Deluxe$7.35
Sausage Eggs Bene Deluxe$7.49
Chicken Muffin$6.81
Muffin and Jam$3.34
Egg Muffin$3.77
Brekkie Wrap$7.40
BLT Wrap$6.90
King Muffin™$8.20
Hot Drinks
Flat White$3.45
Hot Chocolate$3.29
Short Black$3.80
Long Black$3.45
Tea with Milk$3.21
Tea Black$3.38
Share Packs
Kings Collection You Choose Dinner for 2$34.00
Picnic Feast$40.67
Bigger Dinner for 2$34.80
Rebel Dinner for 2$25.00
Burger Bundle$33.00
Dinner for 2$32.24
Sweet Treats Bundle$30.30
Whopper Feast$47.90
Limited Time
Outlaw XL Value Meal$19.40
Cinnamon Scroll$5.81
Outlaw Value Meal$14.55
Southern Chicken Tenders 5 Piece$4.85
Sweet ‘N’ Spicy Loaded Fries$7.10
Double Mega Stacker Meal$17.85
Southern Chicken Tenders 10 Piece$8.50
Southern Chicken Tenders 5 Pack$7.60
Triple Mega Stacker Meal$21.50
Single Mega Stacker Meal$13.55
Southern Chicken Tenders 10 Piece Large Value Meal$11.60
Southern Chicken Tenders 10 Pack$14.80
Jalapeno King Chicken$12.85
Spicy Chicken Tenders 10 Piece Large Value Meal$10.95
Jalapeno King Chicken Value Meal$16.50
Spicy Chicken Tenders 10 Piece$8.50
Jalapeno King Beef$15.25
Spicy Chicken Tenders 5 Piece$4.85
Jalapeno King Beef Value Meal$18.95
Reese’s Pie$3.70
King’s Collection®
Streaky Bacon Steakhouse Meal$16.63
New York Steakhouse Meal$17.76
Cheese and Bacon Tendercrisp® Meal$17.72
Angry® Steakhouse Meal$16.75
King Meaty Meal$20.05
Flame Grilled Meals
Whopper® Meal$13.16
BBQ Bacon Double Cheeseburger Meal$13.14
Double Whopper® with Cheese Meal$17.00
Creamy Mayo Cheeseburger Meal$9.56
BBQ Rodeo™ Meal$8.18
Triple Cheeseburger Meal$13.94
Double Cheeseburger Meal$11.82
XL Rodeo™ Meal$16.80
The Bomb Meal$7.88
Cheeseburger Meal$8.96
Long Beef Rodeo™ Meal$13.61
Whopper Jr® Meal$10.86
XL Bomb Meal$17.09
Whopper® with Cheese Meal$14.89
Triple Whopper® with Cheese Meal$21.07
Chicken Meals
BK® Chicken Meal$12.89
Hawaiian BK® Chicken Meal$14.29
BK® Chicken with Cheese Meal$13.84
Original Tendercrisp® Meal$15.28
Double BK® Chicken Meal$15.81
Crispy Chicken Meal$9.94
Chicken Rodeo™ Meal$9.94
Chicken Fries Meal$10.29
BK® Chicken Nuggets 20 Pack Meal$13.45
Long Chicken Rodeo™ Meal$13.99
Most Popular
Rebel Whopper® Meal$13.20
Wraps & Salads
Salad Burger Meal$12.67
Salad Burger$9.06
Tendercrisp® Salad$11.91
Caesar Chicken Wrap$7.62
BBQ Chicken Wrap$7.62
King Jr Meals
King Jr ® Cheeseburger Meal$8.47
King Jr ® BK® Chicken Nuggets 6 Pack Meal$9.68
King Jr ® Whopper Jr.® Meal$9.95
King Jr ® Hamburger Meal$8.12
Coke No Sugar®$3.62
Sprite Zero®$3.62
Rasberry Coke®$3.68
Raspberry Coke®$3.55
Shake Chocolate$3.99
Shake Strawberry$3.99
Shake Lime$3.99
Shake Banana$3.99
Pump Mini$3.87
Kiwi Blue$2.87
Keri Orange Juice$4.95
Keri Kids Sipper$3.91

Burger King New Zealand Menu Highlights and Categories

Burger King New Zealand offers a wide variety of delicious options, including grilled burgers, chicken sandwiches, veggie options, breakfast items, wraps, salads, and desserts. Prices range from affordable treats like the Creamy Mayo Cheeseburger at $3.37 to bargain items like the Triple Mega Stacker at $17.70.

Burger King breakfast menu NZ

The breakfast menu at Burger King New Zealand includes muffins, wraps, hotcakes and the BK Breakfast Bacon Burger. Prices range from $3.34 for a Muffin and Jam to $12.79 for a King Muffin™ Meal.

Burger King New Zealand lunch menu

The lunch menu at Burger King New Zealand includes favorites such as the Whopper®, BBQ Bacon Double Cheeseburger, and Double Cheeseburger. Prices start at $4.89 for a Cheesecake and go up to $17.53 for a Triple Whopper® with Cheese.

Burger King New Zealand dessert menu

The dessert menu at Burger King New Zealand includes Hershey’s Chocolate Pie, Churros, and Cinnamon Scrolls. Prices start at $3.11 for a 3-pack of Churros and go up to $5.63 for a Hershey’s Chocolate Pie.


1. How much does a Whopper cost in New Zealand?

A Whopper costs $9.79 in New Zealand.

2. Which is the best food at Burger King?

The best food at Burger King New Zealand is a topic, but the Whopper® is a favorite among customers.

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